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SourceWiki is built using MediaWiki and uses wikitext syntax. The syntax is very easy to use and Wikipedia has a very good introduction to wikitext.

Modifying an existing page

To modify an existing page, go to that page and select the edit tab near the top of the page. You can then modify the page as you wish using wikitext. Please remenmber to use the Show Preview button before submitting your changes with the Save Page button..

Note that all changes are recorded in a database.

Creating a new page

Top create a new page, just point your browser to the page you want to create by typing the page name manually the address bar, for instance of the new page. This will create an empty page and you can then click the edit tab to add content to it.

Deleting and existing page

Only the administrators can delete pages from SourceWiki, please contact them if you want a page removed.


Adding a page to a category

Wikis tend to grow quickly and, sometimes, in a disorganised way. If you create a new page, try to think to which category it should belong to. A list of existing categories can be found at Special:Categories. To associate a page with a category, add the following at the beginning of the page:

[[Category:Name of the category]]

This will be invisible but will allow your page to be linked directly from the category page, for instance: Category:Subversion

Creating a new category

To create a new category, just add a new category name to any existing page. After saving the page, you can then add a description of the new category by using the Category namespace: of the new category.

Please check with an administrator if you are about to create new categories. Wikipedia has a good description of the Category namespace.